Features of Chausie generations – F1, F2, F3, F4

Big ChausieThe most frequently asked questions from potential buyers of Chausie kittens are: What does the letter F and the numbers next to it mean? What are the differences between generations from each other? What is the size of Chausie, which generation is larger? What is the price of this or that generation? Let’s figure it out.

Chausie F1 is the first, largest and most expensive generation obtained from crossing a wild Jungle cat with an Abyssinian cat. The first hybrid generation of Chausie combines 50% of the genes of … Read more… “Features of Chausie generations – F1, F2, F3, F4”

Chausie or domestic Jungle cat

Chausie on blackDescription of the Chausie breed.

Chausie (Shausi, Housie) is one of the most expensive, beautiful and rare modern cat breeds. Around the world, a few breeders are engaged in this unique elite breed. This is due to the fact that the maintenance and breeding of the Chausie is a laborious process that requires considerable material costs and careful observance of the rules for breeding the breed. Chausie crosses are allowed only with Abyssinian and common phenotypic shorthair cats, other combinations are excluded. In order to … Read more… “Chausie or domestic Jungle cat”

The history of the creation of the Chausie breed

Chausie breedIn ancient Egypt, wild cats were tamed as pets. In the burials of the ancient Egyptians, archaeologists have discovered several mummies of wild cats next to the mummies of domesticated ones. Egyptian frescoes and carvings often show cats as family members – sitting on people’s laps or under their owner’s chair. Living in close proximity to humans in abandoned buildings and along irrigation canals for about 10 thousand years, wild jungle cats came into contact with domesticated, producing joint offspring. However, the first descendants of the wild and domestic breed were either completely … Read more… “The history of the creation of the Chausie breed”

Chausie. Myths and Reality

Chausie in a collarNew breeds often create excitement around them. The increased interest leads to a surge of information appearing in the media and the Internet. Rumors and gossip spread like wildfire, often not true. New breeders, in pursuit of profit, without conducting detailed and thorough research, making hasty conclusions based on existing observations, publish information about the breed without thoroughly studying it. Copywriters of texts can already compose absolute nonsense. Now we will try to refute the most common misconceptions. … Read more… “Chausie. Myths and Reality”

The nature of the chausie and its content in the house

Two chausiesChausie is an intelligent, active, sociable cat who will find a common language with both humans and other animals living in the house – cats or dogs. Due to the well-developed hunting instincts (in ancient Egypt, their ancestors, jungle cats, were used to hunt game just like dogs), contacts of Chausie with small domestic animals (hamsters, rats, birds) are extremely undesirable and can end in disaster for the latter. These cats do not show aggression towards other family members, they are affectionate, gentle, balanced, reasonable, predictable animals that create no more … Read more… “The nature of the chausie and its content in the house”

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