Chausie. Myths and Reality

Chausie in a collarNew breeds often create excitement around them. The increased interest leads to a surge of information appearing in the media and the Internet. Rumors and gossip spread like wildfire, often not true. New breeders, in pursuit of profit, without conducting detailed and thorough research, making hasty conclusions based on existing observations, publish information about the breed without thoroughly studying it. Copywriters of texts can already compose absolute nonsense. Now we will try to refute the most common misconceptions.

MYTH: Chausies weigh 20 kilograms.

REALITY: Chausie is an ectomorphic (lanky) breed, i.e. asthenic, thin physique. It was created for jumping and realizes the program laid down by nature with pleasure. It is a tall, large cat (comparable in height to an average dog), but not heavier than other domestic cats. Chausie weight ranges from 6 to 12 kg. Female are lighter than male, their weight fluctuates in the lower bounds of these parameters, and male can reach the upper bounds of the indicated weight.

MYTH: Chausies are unpredictable.

REALITY: Chausie is as predictable as any other breed of cat if you learn to understand them. This is an intelligent, easygoing, friendly and affectionate animal. Precisely because Chausie is, first of all, a cat, she will not invariably and unquestioningly fulfill all your desires contrary to her interests. She acts as she sees fit and, while achieving her goals, is able to think logically and rationally.

MYTH: Chausies are not safe for children.

REALITY: The danger of this breed of cats for children is greatly exaggerated. In fact, their relationship with children is much better and easier than most other breeds. These cats are mobile, active, emotional, love to play, appreciate attention, and cannot stand loneliness. In a family with a child, Chausie will feel much happier than in a family without children.

MYTH: Chausie is a universal destroyer, she will destroy all your property.

REALITY: Chausies are domestic cats and their destructive potential does not exceed the “average cat”. Prepare a scratching post for them, buy toys, give attention, and you will get a wonderful, faithful friend.

Although they have a “canine character”, being attached to one person, it is easier to keep them than dogs, as they are neat and graceful, therefore, have less destructive power than all dogs.

MYTH: Chausie loves to bite.

REALITY: No more than cats of other breeds. The Chausie are very active and love to play. If you allow her to play with your hands, she will bite and scratch like most domestic cats. As a rule, we like it when kittens, having fun, bite and scratch their hands, but in an adult large cat, the bite strength and the length of the claws are completely different than that of a kitten and are unlikely to give you pleasure. From an early age, teach her to play with toys and nothing threatens your hands. Chausies are not aggressive, a well-mannered cat will never bite you maliciously or frightened. Chausie calmly relates even to such an unpleasant procedure for them as cutting claws.

MYTH: Chausie needs a lot of space as she is very mobile.

REALITY: No more than Maine Coons. And much less than most dogs. A reasonable-sized house or apartment is fine. And, if the cat has scratching posts, toys, windows where they like to look out, shelves on which they like to climb, if you devote some personal time to communicating with her, there will be no problems.

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