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Wide Shipping

Benaby Cattery has been organizing the shipping of kittens to any country in the world since 2014.
Now kittens from our cattery live on all continents.

World Wide Shipping Map

About Shipping
Distance is not an obstacle for meeting a new family member - the kitten of your dreams.
We can arrange shipping to any country in the world.

Full Package
of Documents

We are preparing a full package of documents (health certificate, international veterinary passport and other documents). You only need to meet a kitten.


We provide the best veterinary care for our cats and regularly check their health with a licensed veterinarian.


We select the shortest shipping path for the kitten. We strive to find direct flights to avoid transfers that can lead to longer shipping times.

If you decide to purchase two or more kittens in our cattery, the kittens will be delivered together.
If we organize shipping for two kittens, in this case shipping will be cheaper than shipping each separately.

Easy way

Choosing a kitten

You can go through kitten test selection,
see kittens here,
write to us by email or in instant messengers

Shipping calculation

Based on your location, we calculate the actual cost
of shipping and agree with you its cost

You pay

A reserve of 50% or 100% of the cost of the kitten
(the full cost is paid until the moment the kitten is sent)

Date Coordination

We agree with you on the exact and convenient shipping
date for you, after which we book a trip for the kitten

Kitten meeting

You meet your kitten

Shipping Detail

Our cattery is located in central Russia, in the city of Saratov. If you cannot visit our cattery on your own, we can arrange the shipping of the kitten you have chosen.

Shipping is a busy time for a kitten, but it is only a few hours in the life of your baby, and we do our best to make these few hours convenient and safe.

Some people think that transportation causes a lot of stress in a kitten. In our experience, this is not entirely true. For a kitten, no matter how he gets from our house to yours. In our opinion, the experience of a kitten causes a change in the environment and the absence of its brothers and sisters. It is not so important here how long it took the kitten to move to a new home. Kittens perfectly tolerate transportation and within a few days begin to feel like full members of your family.

We can arrange the following types of shipping:

Shipping by the airline (Cargo):

To deliver kittens to other countries, we contact the airline to arrange the shipping of the kitten without an accompanying person. This service is called "Cargo" and is the most common for delivering kittens to remote cities and countries.

How is cargo shipping delivered?

A kitten flies in an airplane in a special compartment for live cargo. In this compartment, it is mandatory to maintain a comfortable air temperature, as well as pressure, which corresponds to the temperature and pressure in the main cabin of the aircraft in which people fly. Many people think that the kitten will be transported in the general luggage compartment, but this is not so. This is a separate compartment in the airliner. Depending on the type of aircraft, this compartment is located either under the cockpit, or is practically combined with a common cabin for people. In this regard, both the temperature regime and the air pressure completely coincide with the common interior and can vary from 18-26 degrees Celsius. In addition, many aircraft are equipped with air conditioning in the living compartment. The airline is fully responsible for the quality of shipping, therefore, the transportation of cats on the plane is paid for at a separate tariff. The transportation of a kitten on an airplane goes without a hitch. Animals quickly adapt to flight, and a convenient container limits the pet from additional stress. A kitten can quench thirst or hunger at any time, as the container for transportation is equipped with bowls for food and water. The cat on the plane on the plane is a full-fledged passenger who has the right to a comfortable ride.

For the organization of shipping, we use only reliable airlines and trusted couriers. But, if you decide to choose the shipping company or carrier courier on your own, we do not refuse to cooperate with the company or courier offered by you. But remember, even in this area there is fraud, so you need to check the company or courier for reliability. Read reviews on forums and social networks and pay attention to the term of the carrier.

Transporting a cat on an airplane will not be a problem if you use the services of a competent airline. Due to the high level of provision of air services, the transport of cats on an airplane has become commonplace.

I hope that your fears related to the shipping of the kitten to another city are dispelled, if you still have any questions, please write to us.

What is included in the cost of shipping of a kitten by Airlines (Cargo):

  1. Shipping box;
  2. Payment of veterinary permits;
  3. Payment shipping.

Getting your kitten:

After the flight is booked for your kitten, we will send you all the flight information and the confirmation number that you must have with your ID to get the kitten.

Shipping with an accompanying person (courier):

At the request of our customers, we can arrange the shipping of a kitten to your city with an accompanying person (courier). The cost of personal shipping varies depending on the distance and is usually higher than the cost of unaccompanied shipping. You can request a calculation of shipping costs from us.

The cost of shipping by courier includes:

  1. Container for transportation (depending on the shipping method, it can be a cloth bag or a plastic box);
  2. Payment of veterinary permits;
  3. Payment shipping;
  4. Payment of air tickets BOTH back and forth, as well as if necessary, then payment for the hotel.

The cost of personal shipping varies depending on the distance and is usually higher than the cost of unaccompanied shipping. You will need to meet the courier at the airport and you will not need to draw up documents yourself.

Additional Information:

Custom items can become part of the total shipping cost:

Each country has its own rules for importing cats, and therefore, depending on the importing country, you may need to pay additional permissions (for example, testing a kitten for rabies antibody titers), paying for an import permit in your country, and paying customs fees in your country, payment of quarantine in countries where quarantine is required.

If you decide to purchase two or more kittens in our cattery, the kittens will be delivered together. If we organize shipping for two kittens, in this case shipping will be cheaper than shipping each separately. An additional fee will be charged to cover the costs of the second kitten.

Attention: All shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Any comfort stops in case of bad weather or for any other reason are also paid by the buyer.

Contact us and find out all the details about the shipping of your animal now!

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