Features of Chausie generations – F1, F2, F3, F4

Big ChausieThe most frequently asked questions from potential buyers of Chausie kittens are: What does the letter F and the numbers next to it mean? What are the differences between generations from each other? What is the size of Chausie, which generation is larger? What is the price of this or that generation? Let’s figure it out.

Chausie F1 is the first, largest and most expensive generation obtained from crossing a wild Jungle cat with an Abyssinian cat. The first hybrid generation of Chausie combines 50% of the genes of the Felis chaus (Swamp lynx, Reed cat, Jungle cat) and 50% of the Abyssinian cat. In this generation, Heterosis is clearly expressed (from the Greek. Heteroiosis – change, transformation, “hybrid force”, acceleration of growth and increase in size, increased vitality and hybrids of the first generation).

If you want to have a cat at home with the appearance and size of a wild Jungle cat, while you like to be at home and spend a lot of time with your animals, then buy the Chausie F1. These cats are closest to the wild Jungle cat, but they require a lot of attention. Chausie F1 needs constant love. If you or all of your family members travel frequently or leave home for more than 12 hours, we do not recommend that you buy the Chausie F1.

Chausie F1 is distinguished by a meek disposition, which is combined with independence and pride. With good care and love, the animal sincerely with all its heart becomes attached to its owner, at the same time, considering itself to be his equal. They like to be in an observer position. Many Chausie F1 cats take observation as their immediate responsibility.

To live in harmony with a cat as unique as the Chausie F1, you need to truly love animals. It is hardly possible to perceive Chausie F1 as a plush toy. They endure all compulsory clutches, squeezes and expressions of their feelings with their inherent composure and detachment. They do not welcome this way of communication, but they tend to behave more “doggy”. This is expressed in the constant presence next to the owner, the cat is near the feet, takes caresses from the owner and responds to them. These cats do not like attention from strangers, a large number of people and noise around. They are lovers of a measured, understandable and familiar way of life.

The price of a Chausie F1 kitten starts at 8000 USD.

Chausie F2 is the second hybrid generation, in this case derived from the crossing of a female Chausie F1 with an Abyssinian male. The genes of the Jungle cat in this generation do not exceed 30%.

Chausies of the second generation respond more calmly to external stimuli and new objects. At the same time, the Chausie F2 retains the exotic appearance of the Jungle cat, although this generation is slightly inferior in size to the F1. Since Chausie is sexually dimorphic (males are larger than females), the F2 male grows to the size of the F1 female. F2 girls are smaller than F1 girls. The male Chausie F1 will be the largest of all generations.

Overall, this is an ideal cat for a family with children and other animals. The character retains – sensitivity and vulnerability, but stress resistance is already more pronounced than in the case of Chausie F1. You should behave with Chausie F2 tactfully, delicately. F2 are annoyed and upset by the following things:

  • Forced loneliness;
  • Loud sounds;
  • Change of residence;
  • Obsessive caresses or rudeness of the owner.

The owner needs to find time to interact with and play with Chausie F2 in order to release his energy.

In order for the Chausie F2 kitten to quickly become attached to its owner, you need to pick it up, play and stroke it. With a lack of communication, the second generation, like the first, becomes withdrawn, wild. With enough attention, Chausie F2 grows to be affectionate and outgoing.

The price of a Chausie F2 kitten starts at 5000 USD.

Chausie F3 is the third hybrid generation, obtained by crossing the Chausie F2 cat with the Abyssinian cat. The Jungle cat’s genes do not exceed 13 percent. In this generation, Heterosis fades and Chausie F3 is inferior in size to both their wild ancestor and the first two generations of hybrids, while retaining the color of a wild Jungle cat. Chausie F3 has increased stress resistance, relative to the first two generations. They are calmer about strangers, new things and changes. F3s still have that exotic behavior where they act like dogs.

The cheapest generation is the Chausie F3. From 1500 USD.

Chausie F4 is highly adaptive. Well-mannered fourth-generation Chausies are almost impossible to see irritated or aggressive. They are tolerant, intelligent and instinctively feel the mood of people.

Regardless of which generation of Chausie you want to buy, the main thing is to get a kitten in a professional cattery, after consultation with the breeder.

Fertility of Males Chausie

It is known that males hybrid cats of the first generations are infertile. In theory, Chausie males F1, F2, F3 cannot bear offspring. And only from the fourth generation, males of Chausie F4 become fertile. Nevertheless, there are cases in history when a second generation male from a jungle cat had offspring. Regarding the lines Chausie in the cattery Benaby, one of our alumni Sir Arthur Benaby, who currently lives in New York City, was tested for fertility in a US laboratory. The result of the study is that the spermatozoa are alive, but inactive. Also, a male Chausie F2 was left in the nursery, two trial mating with an F1 female were made, which did not bring any results. The F1 female was not fertilized. The Benaby nursery plans to test the fertility of males of the third generation, Chausie F3. Today in Russia it is not available to test cats using an artificial ejaculation apparatus, due to its absence. Checking is possible only with the collection of the ejaculate by a veterinarian under anesthesia. The breeder of the kennel decided not to anesthetize the animals and to carry out a fertility test of the third generation of Chausie in a natural way.

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