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Bengal Kitten

Buy Bengal Kitten

  • Appearance - wild Asian leopard cat.
  • Character - flexible, homely.
  • Bengals are well trained and socialized. Benle's friends become the favorites of the little ones and, without objection, endure attempts to play and cuddle.
  • Devotees - they choose one owner, to whom they become more attached than to other members of the family, and they are treated with no less affection.
  • High level of intellectual development. They understand the owner at a glance and try to fulfill all his requests.
  • Spectacular appearance. Bright and contrasting Bengal mini leopards with a unique wool structure - silky and soft to the touch.

Buy Abyssinian Kitten

  • Similar to the deity of ancient Egypt.
  • Smart and good-natured - they are easy to educate. An Abyssinian baby can be brought by a person without experience of keeping pets.
  • Adaptable - Abyssinian easily tolerate a change of scenery and get used to it.
  • Human-oriented - they love society, wonderful companions. Get along with other animals and children in the family.
  • Abyssinian mini-cougars are simply trained and enjoy it.
Abyssinian Kitten
Chausie Kitten

Buy Chausie

  • The appearance of a wild jungle cat and the complaisant character of a domestic cat.
  • They are understandable, chausie amenable to training and like to show their ingenuity.
  • Friendly with other pets like yourself. Even in spite of its predatory nature, Chausie coexist with a small kitten or puppy. Small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas or hamsters are likely to be taken for prey.
  • Chausie is wary of strangers.
  • Unobtrusive. Although the Chausie, which does not have an occupation, begins to get bored, in general, it is quite tactful and unobtrusive.

Buy Savannah Cat

  • The type of wild serval, the behavior of a balanced domestic cat.
  • Savannahs are reasonable, they feel the mood of the owner.
  • They have a lively temperament, so it is better to train the savannah in a playful way.
  • Cautious, prefer to stay close to the owner.
  • Not selfish, savannahs do not require increased attention to their person, not intrusive.
Savannah Kitten

Exclusive Hybrid Kitten for Sale
Exclusive Hybrid Kitten

Hybrid Kitten

Breed: F1

Sex: Female

Color: Spotted

Status: Ready to sale

About Cattery

Benaby Cattery for 10 years engaged in professional breeding of cats of prestigious breeds - Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah cats. Benaby today is a group of breeders from different cities of Russia. Our friendly team, led by breeder-felinologist Arina Zemskova, sets a goal (and successfully achieves it) - to obtain high-breed kittens of professional breeding, not only beautiful in appearance, but also with a balanced psyche and excellent health.

By purchasing a kitten in our cattery, you can always count on the provision of advice on raising, keeping and feeding Bengal, Abyssinian kittens, Chausie and Savannahs in a new house. You can be sure that the cat of your dreams with excellent pedigree data will grow out of a cute kitten. We will help you grow a beautiful and healthy animal.

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All kittens have documents and meet breed standards
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Good cats
Non-aggressive animals, loving people, affectionate and loyal
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    In Our Cattery

    Bengal Cat

    Pet Class

    3000 - 5000$

    Breed/Show Class

    5000 - 7000$

    Bengal F1

    8000 - 10000$

    Abyssinian Cat

    Pet Class

    3000 - 5000$

    Breed Class

    5000 - 7000$

    Breed/Show Class

    6000 - 9000$

    Chausie Cat

    Chausie F3

    4000 - 5000$

    Chausie F2

    6000 - 8000$

    Chausie F1

    10000 - 12000$

    Savannah Cat

    Savannah F3-F4

    5000 - 10000$

    Savannah F2

    10000 - 13000$

    Savannah F1

    22000 - 25000$

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    How much do kittens cost in the cattery?

    Two main reasons affect the price of a kitten: the purpose of the acquisition and the external data of the animal.

    The purpose of the acquisition is of two types - "with the right of breeding" or without it, i.e. "as a pet." Do not be surprised if the breeder offers to buy the same kitten at the same price, and at times more expensive to breed. “With the right of breeding” not only the phenotype (external beauty) is bought, but also the genotype (what the animal received from its ancestors as a result of breeding work thought out by the breeder and what he can pass on to his descendants).

    Another main reason the price is formed is the type of kitten and its conditional class "show", "breed" or "pet". One that has no defects, has an appearance that is as close as possible to the breed standard and the personal ideal of the breeder, will belong to the "breed" class and cost more. The kitten who visited the exhibition and received the recognition of the judges will belong to the "show" class and will cost even more.

    These are the main reasons why, for example, two siblings among themselves born in the same cattery will be offered for sale at different prices, despite the fact that they are of the same breed and the same color.

    Do not forget that there are still no less basic pricing factors, such as breed and color. Both affect cost. The breed or color may be rare, which will increase the cost of the kitten, or common, which makes them more affordable.

    Can we sell kittens cheaply?

    The cost can be reduced, but only due to the deterioration of the conditions of maintenance and cultivation, the quality of pedigree lines and all the other obligations of the breeder to a kitten, and then to the buyer. These obligations stem from the professional qualities of the breeder, and we cannot refuse them.

    "We saw the same, but cheaper ..." Perhaps. But there is a big "BUT". Comparing the cost of kittens from different catteries, it is worth considering the cost. One breeder can spend less on cattery maintenance, worsening pet life.

    What determines the price of a kitten?

    The cost may vary in different catteries and vary in different cities and countries. What determines the price?

    1. Breed;
    2. Thoroughbredness;
    3. Health status;
    4. The presence of felinological documentation;
    5. Availability of veterinary documentation;
    6. Vaccinations, treatments for ectoparasites and endoparasites;
    7. Good pedigree;
    8. Exlusive color;
    9. Class: Pet, Breed, Show;
    10. Purpose of acquisition: with or without breeding rights;
    11. Place of purchase: a specialized cattery, according to announcements from the owners, in the market.

    Remember the main thing that a good cat can not be cheap.

    How to choose a kitten?

    If you have already decided on the breed, do not worry about doubts, write to us, we will provide you with relevant information on the availability of kittens of the breed you need for sale, such as Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah. The breeder will help you not to make a mistake when choosing. You just need to tell why you want to buy an animal. Are you planning on breeding or looking for a pet? Should the future kitten be a friend to the child or are you looking for a companion cat for yourself. Or do you want to get a friend for the whole big family.

    Is it possible to buy a kitten under the ad?

    This is not a good idea. Why did you ask this question? You probably think, "I don’t need a super cat for exhibitions, I just need a friend. I don’t want to overpay by buying a cat from the cattery." But buying a kitten from an ad you have a great chance to buy it sick, and indeed not purebred. Kids are all so cute, and you are not a specialist. And, most likely, you will never see the person who sold you a kitten again to get at least basic help. Do not take risks, the cat is not an unsuccessful trinket that you can simply throw away and forget. Buy a kitten in a professional cattery!

    Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah are currently commercial breeds, which gives rise to an abundance of "cheap low-quality fakes." After analyzing the Avito website, Yula, and some pages on social networks, we can conclude that approximately 50% of the ads are fraud to one degree or another. When acquiring an Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie or Savannah kitten for the first time, it is very difficult not to fall for the scammers. We regularly come across the fact that high-quality photos of our animals are stolen by scammers who are trying to pass off their "cheap fakes" as real Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah cats. Fraudsters are doing their best to make their “product” more attractive than it really is. Such actions are a deliberate deception of the buyer.

    Where to buy a kitten?

    The most reliable option is to buy in a well-known cattery, which for many years has successfully bred the breed of your choice and has an excellent reputation. Not a problem if the cattery of your choice is located in another city, or maybe even in another country. You can use the kitten delivery service to your city offered by the cattery. The main task for you is to find a good cattery led by a responsible breeder. This is the key to the success of a happy and long life together with a new family member. Remember, you are buying a cat for the next fifteen to twenty years and you need to approach this with all responsibility, even if you do not plan to engage in breeding and an exhibition career, but look for a pet for yourself. A responsible breeder will not only help you choose a kitten that is ideally suited for you, but will also provide support in the future, and you can contact him on any question of interest regarding raising, feeding, raising, breeding and an exhibition career. In our cattery you will receive not only a healthy and socially adapted thoroughbred kitten, but also professional qualified help from the breeder on any issue related to him. Remember, saving money on buying and buying a kitten for free at a random person, from a beginner breeder or in the market, you can regret it very much in the future.

    In our cattery "Benaby" you can buy a kitten of one of the most prestigious breeds today: Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah.

    When is a kitten ready to move to a new home from the cattery?

    There is a misconception that the sooner he moves to a new home, the better. It is erroneous because the early weaning of the kitten from the mother and the lack of necessary veterinary measures, such as vaccination, treatment against fleas and worms, most often leads to trouble for both its owners and the animal.

    When a cat stops breastfeeding, she continues raising her kittens. The kid observes the habits of the mother, her relationships with people and relatives and adopts them.

    An important argument against acquiring a small kitten is the lack of vaccination. A huge risk, which most often leads to a disease, sometimes fatal. For the owner, this usually results in huge costs for veterinary care of the patient or his loss.

    Therefore, a kitten is ready to move to a new house from the cattery at the age of not earlier than 3 months for Russia and not earlier than 4 months for most other countries of the world - here we are based on the requirements of a particular country for importation.

    Up to this age, kittens undergo an examination of the felinologist (aktirovka), where their breedness and compliance with a particular class are confirmed. During this period, the kitten masters the adult type of feeding, learns to chew food and moves from breast milk to the main diet. Until this age, he undergoes prophylactic deworming, vaccination and flea treatment.

    The indicated age is the best time for the animal to move to a new home in Russia. By this time, the kitten already understands what is possible and what is not, where and when it is fed. Now he is ready to leave his littermates, mother, his breeder and move to a new house. At this age, you can already begin to teach him the rules of behavior in your family.

    Is the kitten accustomed to the toilet?

    Yes, our kitten will be accustomed. From the age of one month, kittens in the cattery begin to walk into the tray on their own. Be sure that the kitten has been disciplined in this for a couple of months before moving to your home.

    Cats are very neat and tidy animals, they always go to the right place. But cats require respect for cleanliness and from humans. If you suddenly didn’t remove the tray for a long time, then they can "go" nearby. To avoid such cases, it is convenient to use a filler. The filler requires replacement once every few days.

    When changing a place, a house, or a situation, even a kitten “accustomed to the tray” can make “mistakes”. One should not confuse a kitten’s understanding that he needs to cope with the need for a “square box with a high side and wood pellets” with extrasensory abilities to find the location of the tray in an absolutely unknown room. It is necessary to facilitate his task. To do this, follow the recommendations of the breeder - get a tray and filler that are as similar to what the kitten used earlier. Limit the space of the apartment to the maximum, that is, close the "excess" room, leave, for example, only the kitchen and toilet. This is done so that the tray is in the field of view of the kitten, and he quickly found it when the desire appears. This restriction will be required only for a couple of days. As soon as the kitten goes to its toilet a couple of times, you can open access to it throughout the room. If the kitten did go down in the wrong place somewhere in the corner - do not panic. You need to pat a puddle with a clean cloth or odorless paper and put this cloth or paper in its tray and leave it there for several days. Wash and treat the puddle with special means so that the kitten does not remember this place. This technique works great, because the kitten is guided by the smell and will find the right place. Wash and treat the puddle with special means so that the kitten does not remember this place. This technique works great, because the kitten is guided by the smell and will find the right place. Wash and treat the puddle with special means so that the kitten does not remember this place. This technique works great, because the kitten is guided by the smell and will find the right place.

    Do our cats molt?

    Like all cats, of course yes. Even people "molt." True, shorthair breeds, such as Bengal, Abyssinian, Chausie and Savannah, molt minimally. What's the secret? The fact that the wool of these breeds contains mainly the outer hair, and the undercoat itself, the shedding of which you most often observe in other breeds, is in small quantities.

    How do our cats relate to children?

    Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah are great for families with children, provided that the child is neat in relation to animals. Young children should be taught how to handle a cat. And how not to harm her. Cats perfectly get along with children, they like to play and run, they are cunning and simple-minded at the same time. You should get a family friend from a professional breeder who was engaged in socializing the kitten if you want the communication between the child and the pet to be perfect.

    Do Bengals, Abyssinians, Chausie and Savannah get along with other cats?

    Yes, Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah are social cats and are very nice to their own kind of society. If you have several cats, then most often they communicate closely. It is for these reasons that two cats are often bred. If you decide to purchase two kittens from us at once, you can count on a discount from the cattery. In our cattery you can choose two kittens from four different breeds - Abyssinian, Bengal, Chausie and Savannah. If you live in another city or country and use the delivery service, buying two animals at once in our cattery will save you a lot of money on delivery. Shipping two at the same time will cost less than shipping each separately.

    Will the kitten get along with the dog?

    Bengal, Abyssinian, Chausie and Savannah are cats that have similar natural features and psychology to dogs, unlike other breeds. At home, they most often love each other, and even sleep together. Especially if one of them was taken to the house by the baby. Sometimes conflicts occur, but usually they quickly find a common language.

    How long do our cats live?

    The average life expectancy is 15 years, sometimes longer. A cat with a bad heredity has a good chance of not even surviving to six years. Therefore, it is important to purchase a kitten in a professional cattery. Having good heredity and with good care, they live up to 15 years and older.

    Do cats like to sit in your lap?

    They love, ours - love! Remember, you take the child to a new house and what the order will be in your house, whether he will be raised in love and affection, whether you will have time to take him in your lap - it depends on you, not the kitten or its breed! Cats become unhappy, unfortunately, only because of the indifferent attitude of people towards them. And the presence of the blood of a wild ancestor has nothing to do with it. A kitten of absolutely any breed runs wild without contact with people. Remember this!

    Articles about Chausie

    Features of Chausie generations – F1, F2, F3, F4

    Big ChausieThe most frequently asked questions from potential buyers of Chausie kittens are: What does the letter F and the numbers next to it mean? What are the differences between generations from each other? What is the size of Chausie, which generation is larger? What is the price of this or that generation? Let’s figure it out.

    Chausie F1 is the first, largest and most expensive generation obtained from crossing a wild Jungle cat with an Abyssinian cat. The first hybrid generation of Chausie combines 50% of the genes of … Read more…

    The nature of the chausie and its content in the house

    Two chausiesChausie is an intelligent, active, sociable cat who will find a common language with both humans and other animals living in the house – cats or dogs. Due to the well-developed hunting instincts (in ancient Egypt, their ancestors, jungle cats, were used to hunt game just like dogs), contacts of Chausie with small domestic animals (hamsters, rats, birds) are extremely undesirable and can end in disaster for the latter. These cats do not show aggression towards other family members, they are affectionate, gentle, balanced, reasonable, predictable animals that create no more … Read more…

    Articles about Bengal Cats

    Atypical Bengals and why F1 Bengals are needed

    Atypical Bengals and why F1 Bengals are neededIn the Bengal cat breed today, there is such a situation that too many, even those who have been professionally breeding this breed for several years, are moving in the wrong direction, losing the correct reference point for breeding. Where does the conscious purchase of a Bengal kitten begin? From visiting a cat show. But visiting Russian shows and observing expert assessments that are awarded to Bengal cats will not help beginners navigate the right direction for further breeding. At the exhibition, one can hear the statement “Bengals have no type! The main thing is the rosettes!”. … Read more…

    Bengal Cat Breed Information

    Bengal Cat Breed InformationBengals are a combination of wild appearance and pristine grace with a loving, devoted and truly “doggy” character.

    As a rule, Bengal cats do not differ in size from outbred pets, but their wild ancestor left an indelible mark on their appearance. It is not for nothing that Bengal cats are called “domestic leopards” or “mini leopards”, and their outdated name is “leopardette”. Bengal cats have longer legs than normal cats, while … Read more…

    Articles about Abyssinian Cats

    What color to buy an Abyssinian kitten?

    What color to buy an Abyssinian kittenThe choice has been made and you have decided to buy an Abyssinian kitten? So you have already decided on the breed. Now you should decide on the choice of color. There are four main types of color of Abyssinian cats – ruddy color (Ruddy), sorrel (Sorrel), blue color (Blue) and pink (Fawn). All these colors are united by the presence of ticking – zonal coloration of each guard hair, which constitutes the background of the pattern on the main warm tone of the coat.

    If you buy a ruddy-colored Abyssinian kitten (Ruddy – Aby n), you will … Read more…

    Abyssinian cat – breed specification

    Abyssinian cat - breed specificationThe standard of the Abyssinian breed is established by the TICA, WCF, ICU, FIFe, MFA systems and each of them has its own minor differences in the standard of the Abyssinian breed. By the standards of all systems, the Abyssinian breed is characterized as a royal cat with a regal bearing, a work of art, the embodiment of beauty and harmony.
    According to all standards, the body of the Abyssinians is flexible, graceful, of medium length, strong, muscular, but without coarsely expressed muscles, in proportion. Cats are of medium size, cats are larger, cats are more graceful and agile. The standards pay more attention to the proportions and … Read more…

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