The nature of the chausie and its content in the house

Two chausiesChausie is an intelligent, active, sociable cat who will find a common language with both humans and other animals living in the house – cats or dogs. Due to the well-developed hunting instincts (in ancient Egypt, their ancestors, jungle cats, were used to hunt game just like dogs), contacts of Chausie with small domestic animals (hamsters, rats, birds) are extremely undesirable and can end in disaster for the latter. These cats do not show aggression towards other family members, they are affectionate, gentle, balanced, reasonable, predictable animals that create no more trouble than any other active domestic breed. In their energy and temperament, they are quite comparable to the Siamese and Abyssinians.

Chausie is a neat and tidy animal that will teach you to put things in their places, dragging and dropping what is out of place. Special “love” is used by wires, which in order to avoid eating them, it is advisable to protect them with special PVC sleeves (hoses) or plastic boxes.

Chausie leads an active lifestyle, she needs a fairly spacious room, since this is not a “couch cat”, but a mobile, playful, “running and jumping” animal that loves to climb higher, does not like to be bored and will not let you languish from boredom. They are very sociable, love to be played with, quickly learn to bring toys, master tricks and will gladly support you in any of your endeavors. They are wonderful companions. Like dogs, they become attached to a specific person who gives them attention and care, and they follow him almost inseparably. Chausie easily learn to walk on a harness and are very fond of walks in nature. It is advisable to take them out for exercise in the park or outdoors at least once a week. These cats love water and enjoy swimming. Many of those who at least once had the good fortune to keep this funny cat at home become her fans forever.

Chausie, unlike their wild jungle cat ancestor, are not afraid to look you in the eye. Chausie is generally a master in this matter – they don’t just look, they look at you with expression! On the faces of the Chausie, all the emotions that they feel at the moment are often “written”. But what you need to know for sure, Chausie is not a breed for everyone.

  • He must be respected and given freedom of choice.
  • He needs to be trusted.
  • You must apologize to him if you offended him.
  • You have to live with him on the same wavelength, seeing him as a person.

And, only living with Chausie according to these rules, your cohabitation will be ideal and will bring a lot of positive feelings.

If you feel that you can give Chausie just that, if you want to have a highly intelligent cat for your family, we will be glad to offer you a kitten from current or future litters of “Benaby” cattery.

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