Atypical Bengals and why F1 Bengals are needed

Atypical Bengals and why F1 Bengals are neededIn the Bengal cat breed today, there is such a situation that too many, even those who have been professionally breeding this breed for several years, are moving in the wrong direction, losing the correct reference point for breeding. Where does the conscious purchase of a Bengal kitten begin? From visiting a cat show. But visiting Russian shows and observing expert assessments that are awarded to Bengal cats will not help beginners navigate the right direction for further breeding. At the exhibition, one can hear the statement “Bengals have no type! The main thing is the rosettes!”. … Read more… “Atypical Bengals and why F1 Bengals are needed”

Varieties of Bengal kittens. F1, F2, F3, F4, SBT

Varieties of Bengal kittens. F1, F2, F3, F4, SBTHave you decided to buy a Bengal kitten and you are confused? Faced in the process of searching for a Bengal kitten with various offers on cattery sites, buyers often cannot understand why Bengal kittens have such a different price. Prices are very different – from 1500 USD to 10000 USD. The appearance and size of Bengal kittens varies, which becomes noticeable even with an unprofessional look. Let’s figure out why. … Read more… “Varieties of Bengal kittens. F1, F2, F3, F4, SBT”

Bengals F1 from the Amur leopard cat

Bengals F1 from the Amur leopard catAnd where do people have such love for “horror stories”? People tell frightening stories about a hybrid cat breed, especially if the breed is rare and expensive, little known and few in number. These stories are invented and disseminated, acquiring creepy details, by people, as a rule, who either do not have cats at all, or, at least, do not own the breed they are trying to tell about.

Unfortunately, such “horror stories” did not pass by the F1 Bengals from … Read more… “Bengals F1 from the Amur leopard cat”

How to buy a Bengal kitten

How to buy a Bengal kittenDo you have a desire to buy a Bengal kitten? It is unlikely that a real Bengal kitten will be sold inexpensively, so the low price of the kitten should alert you.

One of the reasons for the high price of the Bengal breed is the costs incurred by the breeder for proper nutrition of the Bengal cat and Bengal kittens, without which it is impossible to raise a beautiful and healthy animal. Care products, veterinary services, exhibitions, the purchase of breeding cats, including those from other countries – all this makes the process of keeping and breeding Bengal cats an expensive … Read more… “How to buy a Bengal kitten”

Bengal Cat breed specification

Bengal Cat breed specificationFrom their wild ancestor – the Asian leopard cat, Bengals have retained such character traits as the desire to conquer all sorts of heights. Bengal cats are excellent climbers, and in the absence of “mountain peaks” and trees they will gladly conquer any height prevailing in the room.

Love for water, also inherited from a wild ancestor, turns the bathing process into entertainment. Many Bengal kittens and adult cats love to play in and with water. Another distinctive feature of Bengal is … Read more… “Bengal Cat breed specification”

Fuzzies in Bengal cats

Fuzzies in Bengal catsFuzzies (fuzzy – “frizzy”, “indistinct”) is a process through which all Bengal kittens go through without exception. Fuzzies – fuzzy, blurry, vague, fluffy, fuzzy, hairy. All these definitions perfectly describe the manifestation of Fuzzies.
Those who are going to buy a Bengal kitten need to know that at about the age of one and a half to three to four months, the kitten’s color changes to “protective” … Read more… “Fuzzies in Bengal cats”

The history of the creation of the Bengal breed

The history of the creation of the Bengal breed

Hardly anyone will undertake to dispute the fact that cats are the most common pets. The history of taming a cat and transforming it from a predator into a cute pet goes back several millennia. The classification of cats according to their external characteristics and their division into breeds began in the second half of the 19th century.

The breed is considered to be a fairly large group of domestic animals with a combination of inherited traits. … Read more… “The history of the creation of the Bengal breed”

Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns

Bengal Cat Colors and PatternsA pronounced feature of the breed of Bengal cats is a color that cannot be confused with any other. It is characterized by a clear pattern of black or brown on a lighter golden brown or silver background. Spotted and marbled patterns are allowed in the TICA breed standards.

The spotted pattern is divided into spots, stripes running horizontally along the body, or freely spaced spots and rosettes of various shapes. … Read more… “Bengal Cat Colors and Patterns”

Bengal Cat Breed Information

Bengal Cat Breed InformationBengals are a combination of wild appearance and pristine grace with a loving, devoted and truly “doggy” character.

As a rule, Bengal cats do not differ in size from outbred pets, but their wild ancestor left an indelible mark on their appearance. It is not for nothing that Bengal cats are called “domestic leopards” or “mini leopards”, and their outdated name is “leopardette”. Bengal cats have longer legs than normal cats, while … Read more… “Bengal Cat Breed Information”

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