Bengals F1 from the Amur leopard cat

Bengals F1 from the Amur leopard catAnd where do people have such love for “horror stories”? People tell frightening stories about a hybrid cat breed, especially if the breed is rare and expensive, little known and few in number. These stories are invented and disseminated, acquiring creepy details, by people, as a rule, who either do not have cats at all, or, at least, do not own the breed they are trying to tell about.

Unfortunately, such “horror stories” did not pass by the F1 Bengals from the Amur Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis Euptilurus, Euptilura, Far Eastern forest cat, Tsushima leopard cat, Amur forest cat, Mainland leopard cat, DLC), a rare, unknown cat, which also has a wild appearance and large size. That, according to many, makes it unpredictable and gives rise to legends, one more terrible than the other.

What is F1 Bengal cat from Amur Leopard Cat or DLC? Who is she? An uncontrollable, semi-wild cat or an intelligent, reliable, loyal friend? Bengal F1 from the Amur leopard cat is a hybrid of the first generation (F1), one of whose parents is a wild Amur Leopard cat, the second parent is a domestic Bengal cat. Bengal F1 is referred to as Early Generation Bengals, or EG’s.

The Amur Leopard Cat is a northern subspecies of Asian cats, also called the Amur Forest Cat and the Far Eastern Leopard Cat (Euptilura, Prionailurus Bengalensis Euptilurus, Tsushima leopard cat, Mainland leopard cat, DLC). He lives in the Far East, on the territory of Russia, China and Japan. The Amur Leopard Cat is larger than both the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cats. Therefore, a characteristic feature of the hybrid from Amur Leopard Cat in contrast to the first generation Bengal cat from the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), is its large size and docile nature.

Bengals F1 from Euptilura are amazing cats. Their behavior is so interesting, unusual, peculiar only to this hybrid, that it cannot be confused with any other. Do not believe that “this cat is vicious, does not lend itself to training, and in two years you will definitely part with it, otherwise it will certainly eat the owner.” So say people who have never kept such a hybrid.

Bengal F1 from Amur Leopard Cat of professional breeding is a joy for the owner. I have not seen a cat more gentle, affectionate, kind and loyal to its owner. “A dog in the guise of a cat” is about them. They love to soak up the couch, sit next to the owner when he is busy with his own business, and, if allowed, lie on the owner’s lap. Yes, this large almost-leopard loves to lie on the owner’s lap. If the owner has no time, she understands this perfectly, he will not bother. It will curl up into a compact ball and you will not see her in the house, as if there is no cat. In a small city apartment, even a few of these cats are hard to find at such moments. They do not idly wander around the house, do not climb under their feet. No cases – lie down, rest. There is – instantly jump up and start doing “cases”. The reaction from these cats is amazing.

A characteristic feature of such a hybrid is that it never attacks the enemy first. To provoke him to attack, it is necessary to implement a series of negative efforts. And he will step aside, warn with a hiss, threaten with his paw, and only after … perhaps. Although he looks quite formidable, all the guests involuntarily reach out to him. “May I pet his?” But the Bengal F1 can be distrustful of outsiders. Petting, of course, will allow, but they will be wary, except for those who are well known – there is joy here. And how cheerful and tireless they are in the game …

These cats also have very interesting relationships with each other. Sterilized hybrids with their pets are very friendly.

The “meow” of F1 Bengals is also peculiar, not catlike, but rather reminiscent of a cry-roar. On inhalation, a characteristic hiss is heard, and on exhalation, a growl. They also know how to hiss like snakes and “sneeze”.

How to communicate with them, you ask. We communicate with them in human language, and they understand it perfectly. Commands? Yes, easily. The main thing is to get understanding from the cat, a friendly relationship, and whether it is a team or home communication, it does not matter. We feel good about each other.

When we go on a business trip and leave the cats with my parents, cats know exactly when we will arrive. On the day of our arrival, a few hours before, cats begin to worry, look out the window, and fifteen to twenty minutes before our arrival they are already sitting near the front door. And they have never been wrong. What is it? Sixth sense of hybrids? We do not believe that cats understand only learned phrases, that they act only instinctively and that all their behavior is one reflex. They feel, understand and experience as people.

So who are they? Uncontrollable beasts? Ask any owner who keeps this hybrid not because of a fashion trend, but for the soul and in one voice they will answer you – a clever, affectionate friend, reliable comrade, family favorite.

Perhaps felinological systems will take a look at this kind of Bengal cats separately. In order not to create confusion in people’s heads. Perhaps, sometime in the future this variety will be isolated as a separate breed. In the meantime, we wait and continue to work on breeding this unique hybrid, and you can enjoy the large Bengal cat at home. Bengal kitten F1 of the first generation from the Amur Leopard Cat (F1 from Euptilura, F1 from Tsushima leopard cat) you can buy in our cattery “Benaby”.

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