How to buy a Bengal kitten

How to buy a Bengal kittenDo you have a desire to buy a Bengal kitten? It is unlikely that a real Bengal kitten will be sold inexpensively, so the low price of the kitten should alert you.

One of the reasons for the high price of the Bengal breed is the costs incurred by the breeder for proper nutrition of the Bengal cat and Bengal kittens, without which it is impossible to raise a beautiful and healthy animal. Care products, veterinary services, exhibitions, the purchase of breeding cats, including those from other countries – all this makes the process of keeping and breeding Bengal cats an expensive undertaking.

Before you buy a Bengal kitten, do you have any plans to become a Bengal cat breeder? Are you going to devote your life to this difficult task? Are you ready to spend a lot of money and time on participating in exhibitions, going to veterinarians, looking for “grooms” (“brides”), traveling to them and organizing “cat weddings”, drawing up the necessary documents for kittens and their parents, etc. Or do you want a lively, loyal, funny pet – a Bengal kitten, which, without being burdened with the problems of procreation, will give you a lot of joyful minutes of communication. Based on this, choose a kitten class (pet class or breed class), on which its price will also depend.

SHOW-class kittens are of the highest quality. They are intended for breeding and show careers. These are the most expensive and prestigious Bengal kittens.

BREED-class kittens are intended for breeding work, that is, for the reproduction of the breed. They have a minimum of flaws and not a single blemish. They have good reproductive hereditary traits. When a buyer wants to try himself as a breeder or is already one, this is an excellent choice.

PET-class kittens are kittens with an excellent pedigree, which due to some circumstances will not reproduce offspring. Castration or sterilization in this class must be performed without fail. All this makes them more affordable.

Please note that the rarity and quality of the color also affects the cost of the kitten, for example, a Bengal kitten of a rare snow, coal or blue color will cost more than a kitten with a classic color.

The following important factors affect the price of a Bengal kitten: the harmony of the pattern, the intensity of color and contrast, the size of the rosettes, the quality and shine of the coat.

When choosing between a Bengal male or a Bengal female, you need to take into account that Bengal male, growing up, becomes larger, massive, muscular and less mobile, and Bengal female – more graceful and playful. Both those and others during puberty, if the animal is not castrated and sterilized, mark the territory. Therefore, if you want to buy a Bengal kitten not for breeding, then in this case, castration or neutering is a must.

When thinking about buying a Bengal kitten, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that Bengal cats are long-lived and live on average 15-18 years. Better not to save and buy a kitten with a good exterior from gorgeous parents so that he has a good stable psyche, and you have the opportunity to enjoy your purchase for many years. Remember, only purebred cats have a stable, pedigree psyche, a benevolent disposition and a calm character, which cannot be expected from cats in whose genealogy an unprofessional pairing was made and which are cheaper.

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