Bengal Cat breed specification

Bengal Cat breed specificationFrom their wild ancestor – the Asian leopard cat, Bengals have retained such character traits as the desire to conquer all sorts of heights. Bengal cats are excellent climbers, and in the absence of “mountain peaks” and trees they will gladly conquer any height prevailing in the room.

Love for water, also inherited from a wild ancestor, turns the bathing process into entertainment. Many Bengal kittens and adult cats love to play in and with water. Another distinctive feature of Bengal is performing certain actions with water from a bowl before drinking it. This trait has survived from the wild ancestor of ALС. In the wild, an Asian leopard cat touches the surface of the water in order to cleanse the water of duckweed (small grass, the leaves of which grow on the surface of standing water) before drinking. This applies to the “standing water” in the bowl. If a Bengal has the opportunity to drink tap water, he will certainly use it. In the wild, cats try to drink water from reservoirs with running water. “Standing” water is perceived by a cat as “dirty” – water in which bacteria can grow and it can be unsafe for health. That is why Bengals love to drink water directly from the tap with great pleasure.

The Bengals’ hunting habit manifests itself in agility and playfulness. But, unlike wild ancestors, and despite the external similarity with them, Bengals are not at all aggressive. Contact and benevolence were one of the defining signs when breeding the breed – evil, fearful cats were not allowed to breed.

Active and lively fidgets Bengals are curious, like all cats. They are smart, affectionate and, as a rule, attached to one or more family members, follow them on their heels, keeping the owner company in all his accomplishments, helping to work and rest. Bengal cat is a great option for those who would like to have a dog, but for various reasons cannot afford to keep it. At the same time, it is, after all, a cat and, like any representative of a feline, is quite independent. Bengals tolerate the neighborhood of other pets and children very well, showing reasonable tolerance. Those who bought a Bengal kitten should remember that it is very important for cats of this breed to feel the closeness, attention and care of a person. This cat must be regularly picked up, stroked, scratched behind the ear – and you will get a trusting, intelligent, fluffy assistant accompanying you everywhere. Bengal cats are very sociable, they definitely need attention, touch, intimate conversation and a companion to play. They will share their toys with you, they will gladly put their stomachs up for scratching, they will follow you on your heels and brighten up the hours of work and relaxation with their presence and all possible help, will give a lot of fun and joyful impressions.

Bengal cats are playful and it seems that they are looking at everyone around with the question: “I wonder if you can play with this?” They often carry their toys in their mouths. They will be happy to play “aport” with you – they will chase the ball thrown by you, after catching up, they will take it in the teeth and bring it back to you.

Bengals are talkative and have a “large vocabulary” and can pronounce many different sounds, even with different intonations (grunts or chirps, growls or snorts). Bengal cats – have a vocal voice, especially when looking for a mating partner.

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